Becoming a Bride
Wedding plans have many details to keep in mind.  Heart Strings Harps can help you design every phase of your ceremony, transitional music, and reception.  As you begin your ceremony plan, please consider the following phases of the ceremony and your personal, unique plan.

Prelude Music / Seating Music
Seating music is about 20 minutes as your guests arrive and are seated. Typically, this music is light classical music.  This music will set the tone of your ceremony.  Prelude music can include religious pieces, tasteful secular music, and beautiful classical harp pieces.

Seating of the Mothers/Grandmothers
Prior to the Bridal Party Processional, you may choose to have special music while the mothers and grandmothers are escorted and seated.  Musical pieces for this special time are generally brief and can be special selections or classical harp music.

Candle Lighting
Occasionally, Brides and Grooms choose to have candle lighters walk up the aisle and light candles prior to the Bridal Party Processional.  One special, selected piece can be played while the candles are being lit.

The Bridal Party, which can include the groom, bridesmaids/groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls, etc., can have their own special music.  The minister/officiate   may enter at this time. 

Bridal Processional
Once the wedding party has arrived to the ceremony area, the Bride enters with her own special music. This music is selected by the Bride.  Many times the entry piece is Canon in D.  There are many other pieces to choose, for instance, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Prelude in C, Twilight and Mist, All I Ask of You, or the traditional Here Comes the Bride.

Special Music/Unity
Some Brides and Grooms choose to have a Special Unity moment; such as a rose exchange, candle lighting, sand pouring, etc.  For this moment, Heart Strings Harps can play a light, short piece to compliment this special time.

Once pronounced husband and wife, light and somewhat gleeful music is played while they leave the ceremony area with the wedding party.  This music will be played until all of the wedding party and many times the grandparents and parents are ushered out of the area.

Transitional Music
Just following the ceremony, there is a time when wedding photos can be taken.  Often this is the cocktail time for the guests and more contemporary harp music can be played.

Reception or Dinner Music
Following the transitional music or instead of transitional time, the Bride and Groom welcome their guests to the Reception or Dinner.  This music is more contemporary and is generally played for about 45 minutes during dinner or serving time.

Rebecca has played in many Denver Metro Area venues like the Grant-Humphries Mansion, Stonebrook Manor, Willow Ridge Manor, the Botanical Gardens, Parkside Mansion, St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belmar Event Center, Curtis Ballroom, Westminster Terrace, and several churches , hotels, and parks, to name a few.  She has played at the Broadmoor, Ellis Ranch, on Pelican Island.

Many weddings are held out of doors in gardens, on patios, in parks, etc.  Harps and harpists, due to the nature of the large instrument, need to have a dry, covered, flat-surfaced area.  Moisture and temperature are a consideration, as well.  In sunny areas, an Ivory colored umbrella is used.

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